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About Me


I am one of those rare unicorns whose technical expertise is informed by over 10 years experience in marketing campaign development and operations. I started in demand generation grew into the technology side of marketing. Because of this rich background, I understand how marketers work and can create a demand machine to optimize marketing performance for B2B companies, from startups to global enterprises.


My interests can be summarized into these four categories:


Marketing Technology

I let my intellectual curiosity drive research into unique business objectives and customer personas so that I can investigate, implement and optimize new technologies, services and/or vendor solutions to measurably enhance the capabilities of the marketing organization. I create the business requirements, use cases, strategic roadmap and system architecture to ensure the successful adoption of new marketing capabilities.


Strategic Consulting


My experience working as an independant consultant and as part of a marketing agency has provided me with experience in developing strategic solutions to unique business problems; building and mentoring teams; managing complex projects with disparate teams; and managing budgets so that client projects meet high expectations while being delivered on-time and under budget. I work through the entire customer lifecycle from initial sales pitches, through proposal development, defining the project scope and deliverable, creating a rock-star account team and delivering exceptional client service.


Marketing Operations


I have the rare ability to bridge the gap between marketing strategy, processes and technology. I have managed budgets for client projects as well as the budget associated with in-house demand generation programs. I have deep experience defining the processes and programs necessary to build a profitable demand center which will improve marketing efficacy across a global organization; including lead management strategies, marketing and sales alignment, project management, and analytics.


Demand Generation


My experience creating and executing demand generation campaigns helps me to design solutions for marketing organizations -- whether those are technology solutions or processes -- that will really work for the marketing team. Since I know how markers think, I can consider how best they will consume and adopt new ideas and capabilities, and how they need to be served.

Want to Learn More About Me?


For additional infromation about my professional experience, you may visit my LinkedIn profile or request a password to access my resume and online portfolio.


Already have a password? Access my portfolio below. 

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